22 February 2007

get it together

Ooh la la, Mom and I scored matching 40-spool thread organizers.
I'm trying to figure out where to store this sweet bag-o-vintage-goods that Mom brought over for me. Some of the things are her's, some her mother's. Lots and lots of embroidery floss, a few needles, some hoops and also assorted lace, ribbon and buttons.
And finally, the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework (copyright 1979) is on loan to me with plenty of timeless advice for embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, quilting, macrame, crochet, etc.
Somehow, I need to ignore these gifts and re-focus on doing the work that my Masters' degree program requires of me.


  1. master's shmaster's...it's MUCH more valuable to be able to sew clothing and accessories for yourself, your loved ones, and/or poor children in Latin America. besides you've got to keep your skills sharp for whenever my big day comes...freakin' sweet!

  2. true story.
    gua-tay-mah-la, nee-car-ah-gua, cooba. etc.

  3. you could make some sweet chinese staircase anklets with all that string.


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