15 February 2007

valentine's day

So I thought, "What useless but cute valentine's day gifts should I make?" Since any valentine is inherently a bit girly and frilly, I decided to only make these gifts for the females in my life. Each little pouch is lined with the opposite fabric. I had a little trouble working with such small projects on the machine, so aside from sewing the two main panels together and making the buttonholes for the drawstring, I sewed the rest by hand.
Of course, I filled them with dark chocolate Hershey's kisses. I originally intended on putting little dove chocolate squares in them, but I ate those all during the creation process. A girl needs her fuel.

All of the valentine's together! I got these charming (but again, useless) Chinese food cartons at a craft store and thought they would make a nice package for the gifts.

There was a Valentine's Day blizzard in upstate New York (and throughout much of the country too). It was magical for a few hours and then the two feet of snow quickly became a nuisance. For those of us with our sweethearts nearby, being snowed in was a lovely way to spend the day. We made valentines together and even though I was accused of cheating and stealing his ideas, it was nice.

Pictures of the snowstorm to come soon...

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  1. I was torn between commenting on your Valentine's Day post and the new fabric post. I just wanted to say that I love the fabric and think the middle one is especially great. Gotta check out reprodepot.com!

    But back to the present post, I love the little pouches and the cute valentine's Day story. My favorite was eating the chocolate bars, though. It's sounds so familiar :)


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