16 March 2007

do it by hand

Ii made use of my embroidery hand-me-downs a little while ago but had forgotten to post the finished project: a jazzed-up version of my faithful brown hoodie. I did the embroidery by hand and it turned out a little wonky, but I'll get better as time goes on. It never ocurred to me to learn machine embroidery, but maybe it is worth learning. Any tips? Leads on where to find easy directions?

the front:

the back:

We are getting another snowstorm this weekend. Well, it is actually happening as I write this. We had a Valentine's Day blizzard and then a week of bitter cold and then a few days this week with temperatures in the low 60s. How is this possible? Tuesday: 66 degrees (fast-forward) Friday: 15-20 inches of snow.

I really want to get started on my navy polka dot clutch, but I haven't picked up the fabric yet and, more importantly, I should really be working on either: my development project for reducing maternal mortality in Chiapas, Mexico or reading this book for class or studying for the economics midterm or working on my cost-benefit analysis paper. Anyone who is familiar with this particular workload, however, will laugh at the idea that I would actually be working on these things. As my med school roommate wisely noted, if I indeed am complaining about how much work I have... wouldn't it be prudent to ACTUALLY DO IT? Astute observation, Pete, very astute.

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