25 March 2007

InStitches Project for March

Finally! I started (and finished) my clutch handbag for the March InStitches project. And just a quick bit of bragging: the materials cost me less than $5.

Amy's pattern called for this clutch to be a monstrous 17 1/2 inches wide. A bit too large to be accurately (or ergonomically) described as a clutch, no? After battling some moderate anxiety, I trimmed down the pattern to make this polka dot sensation that measures in at slightly over 12 inches wide. Much more appropriate I think. Continuing the "make it your own" theme, I added a single handle to make it more of an oversized wristlet that's also long enough to throw over your shoulder on a walk.

Somewhere in the pattern alteration/measuring/cutting stages I made the inside divider too big for the bag, so it kinda scrunches up and looks a little wonky inside. Next time I will probably leave out the divider altogether, because you really can't fit enough inside this tiny bag to necessitate a divider or any other form of organization. I would also keep the tab closure at its original size, for both style and practical purposes. Check out other projects from 'round the country here.

I just happened to have those DARLING pink polka dot mirror iron-on appliques left over from some craft project of old. The coordination with the inside lining gets me every time.  Speaking of coordination... is this too much??

I affectionately call this bag "The Susan" because something about the navy and white polka/hot pink combination reminds me of my mom.


  1. Make ME something already! Dang!

  2. OMG.....this is way too fabulous....I mean totally fabulous!

  3. i'll make you something right quick. promise. maybe. we'll shop fabric together.

    ah fabulous indeed, that's why it's called The Susan!


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