10 March 2007

remnants of an evening

We filled ourselves with enough ratatouille, baked ziti, carrot ginger soup, sangria, shrimp cocktail, berry pie, biscotti, brownies, margaritas, wine, banana bread, mango salsa, taco dip, strawberries and a light and fluffy dessert (whose name I forget, but which sounds like "zamboni") to live off of for days.

To have all of our friends from all different corners come over and share in food, wine and conversation in our home was so very nice. I hope to have many repeats of this night.

I've temporarily traded in seamstress work for graduate work, but I plan to pick up the latest In Stitches Sew-A-Long project and get serious. Mom and I were thinking: (anticipation) ... navy and white polka dot fabric. I know, it will be incredible if I ever get going with it. Stay tuned.

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  1. I can't wait to see what you create! Your apron below is fantastic.


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