17 April 2007

eco-preneur: green bag it

I present to you the slightly-wonky prototype of your eco-friendly solution for everyday living:
Don't "brown bag it", green bag it!
  Get it? Green. As in... the environment. Ya know, trees? Grass? Al Gore? And apparently Leonardo Dicaprio?

This lunch tote still needs a bit of work. A set of handles, waterproof lining, a smaller & better-placed pocket, perhaps inside pockets for forks and spoons, matching cloth napkin? I'm not sure yet if I'll live out my dream of mass producing these and eliminating lunch-time, brown bag waste. But I've been sketching out some ideas and I think, in time, these lunch totes could take over the world.*

*In this particular case, "world" refers to a small but dedicated group of close friends who will use the totes, though primarily only on days that we meet for lunch. They won't mention that the bags are not insulated and that perhaps (gasp!) lunch bags are no longer cool.


  1. Hi! Love your lunch bag...and I assure you, they're still considered cool over here in Oz.

  2. I love your lunch bag. It's definitely a great idea!

  3. Ahem, I believe that I came up with "green bag it"...you could at least give me a shout out...

  4. aren't brown bags ALREADY eco-friendly

  5. yes, brown bags are particularly eco-friendly when you use a new one every single day, and then THROW IT OUT EVERY SINGLE DAY, 5 days a week, 40+ weeks out of the year.

    so eco-friendly.

    anonymous 1, aka sister, yah yah clever thinking on the "green bag" thing. maybe i'll give you some credit.

  6. Can you please put up a link to your website?

  7. Oh that is just plain f'n cool. I love it. Takes reusable to a whole new level.

    If only I brown bagged it to lunch.

    Don't know if you get Domino magazine, but they have a reusable sandwich wrapper in there this month. Purty cool.


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