01 April 2007

fun day friday

Took a little trip to mass moca this past Friday. Although I had seen these particular exhibits before and the BIG ROOM was closed for installation, the three of us that went had a lovely time.

First, museum, used bookstore, antique shop, coffee shop.

Christine, 9 honest Abes, and an empty room.

Second, back home for a delicious (though not photogenic) lite fare spread, below.

Third, night out (see flickr for this).

I somehow didn't buy enough fabric for the summer blouse I am making, probably because it is a Burda "Young" pattern and the sizing is ridiculous. Bah, so I am stuck in a sewing rut until my next shopping spree. In any event, I leave you with this banjo, forgotten at my house a few mornings ago.

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