10 April 2007

easter eggs & chocolate eggs

A little past midnight, we colored our Easter eggs and hid plastic ones around the house.

Then, on Easter morning we found the eggs we had hidden. I had a lovely brunch in the Berkshires complete with hot cross buns, fruit salad, eggs, sausage, ham, english muffins and an entire pot of coffee. We brainstormed some good eco-friendly business ideas.... but with copyrights pending I fear I cannot list them on this public domain.

Joke. No copyrights, but I'm still not talking.

Enjoyed a delicious Polish meal of pierogies and kielbasa with family to finish off my Easter.
Also, someone came through on my Cadbury mini-egg request, so I must do some brainstorming of my own for a nice thank-you gift.  And I ALSO need to think up three delightful little gifts to send to Australia for this swap.

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