13 May 2007

a tribute

So, we get together every Thursday evening for Thursday Night Dinner Club, aka Goddess Night. And we have done this just about every week since all of us lady birds have flown the nest (school, massachusetts, etc.) and scattered about. Sometimes we shop, sometimes we cinema, always we dine. And inevitably, always always we sit for hours and talk.
"What can you possibly talk about for that long?"
"Oh. Girl stuff."

Mom usually brings a book, a magazine, an article or all three with words of wisdom. She also tries to pawn off just about everything she owns on us.

"Great sweater, is that new?"
"Yeah, I just bought it yesterday. Do you want it?"
"No, Mom. It's yours."

We chat, we bitch, we laugh and laugh and laugh. Every day, every week we meet Mom the Person, not just Mom the Caretaker, the Provider, the Parent. We push each other through tough decisions, crushing disappointments, overwhelming stress and moments of sadness.

Every week feels like a celebration. I guess we are celebrating how lucky we are to have each other around, to have these goddess nights.

"I wish my mom and I had that kind of relationship."
"Yeah, I'm the luckiest daughter in the world."

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Are these the ones from InStitches? Lookin' good.

  2. You are a thoughtful and considerate daughter, Czhchristine. Every mom should be so lucky.


  3. There is no better gift in the whole world than the love and respect of family. Thank you for making it such a joy to be your mother!


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