01 May 2007

the widest-legged pants. ever.

First, thank you Jade! Yesterday, I received this lovely package for the mellow + yellow swap. I am obsessed with these fabric swatches she sent... just trying to figure out a good project to use them for. Also, some great embroidery floss for my growing addiction, blue buttons and these little hip notebooks. So simple, and I love the notebook cover she made! For pictures of other swaps gifts, check out the flickr page.

Second, I just finished April's In Stitches project-- only 10 hours after deadline. I freaked out on my machine's malfunctioning buttonhole feature until I realized I had forgotten to change the stitch width. Durrh. So after that, smooth sailing.

However, are these not the most ridiculously WIDE-LEGGED pajama pants you have ever set eyes on? (The sewists all agreee, check us out.)

I mean, seriously. Look at them. They are awkward and then once I hemmed them to fit my 5'2" frame they looked even crazier. I would have posted a picture of me wearing them, but I have too much pride for that.

Wide-legged, full-length, gypsy print gauchos + my body= DISASTER

They were a nice, easy project though and my first pair of pants. That being said, I plan on ripping them apart STAT. I will then make the remains into a skirt. A beautiful beautiful skirt.

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  1. So glad you like them! I just got yours yesterday, too. Thanks heaps! I'll blog about it soon, promise....and you can hold me to it.


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