22 June 2007

blitz build 2007

It's time for me to announce something awesome. This weekend, Capital District Habitat for Humanity (with our generous sponsor United Group of Companies) is BUILDING A HOUSE in 24 HOURS.

I know, mind-blowing. You probably are speechless. You are probably wondering how on earth could such a magnificent feat be accomplished? And in a single day? The short answer is... we're bad-ass builders. No really, we are superior beings. (I should note that I won't personally be doing a single second of building...)
All modesty aside, everyone has been working pretty damn hard to make this event happen and it's going to ... ¿cómo se dice? ROCK. Unlike other Habitat houses, this one is being built by 50 professional builders who will donate their time and materials and sanity to the project. Volunteers will be doing all sorts of other good things to make sure this house gets built. Capital District Habitat is finishing up our North Albany Revitalization Project and this BLITZ BUILD 2007 house is the kick-off to our South End Renewal Project. In the South End of Albany. Get it? Clever.

You are probably wondering how to hop on board. Take a gander at our website. If you are in the area, sign up to do some building or shop at our ReStore. No matter where you are, feel free to give a dollar or $35,000.

Capital District Habitat provides home ownership opportunities in partnership with low-income households. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in our community has a decent and affordable home. We know that home ownership is essential to create and sustain stable, vibrant neighborhoods. That is why our dedicated staff, volunteers and sponsors work tirelessly to end poverty housing in our community and around the globe.

I'll be back after this weekend, with photos of a brand new home to share.


Well, readers, we did it. We built a home in a freakin' day. For articles about Blitz Build, click here. We had hundreds of volunteers and professionals show up and offer their time and skills to build a home in the South End of Albany. Construction was scheduled down to the minute, volunteers were coordinated and on call to help wherever was needed. Habitat and our sponsors worked through a beautiful Saturday (mid-70s, sunny skies, low humidity) and into the night. Midnight came and construction kept pace. Coffee and energy drinks flowed, crew members took power naps in the back of work trucks and yours truly welcome a much-appreciated volunteer group from my undergrad alma mater. Before we all knew it, the sun began to creep up on a sleeping city and tired bodies made a final push to accomplish what some said was impossible. By 7 or 8 Sunday morning, refreshed volunteers and onlookers arrived back on site to witness a Habitat home completed. Local officials (Albanians, we all know which glowing official I'm talking about) and community leaders joined us and Habitat's newest homeowner to express gratitude and amazement. And.... boo yah. Cowabunga. Etcetera.

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