20 June 2007

for the summertime

  1. Wake up early and run, instead of waiting until after work when the excuses and distractions flow like wine. Mmm wine. That pesky little 15K is coming up and you don't want to collapse 2 miles in, do you?
  2. ADK + my new Keen Targhees II = more hiking with the boy.
  3. Get real with greenbagstudio & "eco-friendly solutions for everyday living".
  4. Our beautiful new home needs a recycling center, new dining room upholstery & miscellaneous bad-ass furnishings.
  5. Apron, California bag, summer blouse, at least 25 pretty skirts, etc.
  6. Defend houseplants against neglect, read up on container gardening.
  8. Remember that is is summertime & behave accordingly. Grilling, flip flops, freckles, iced tea, sundresses, etc.

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