09 July 2007

back in the game

I'm slowly making my way through the sewing queue. Misc. alterations are finished. And thanks to a rainy 4th of July, so are the pillows for the living room. I know the idea behind Before and After shots is to capture just HOW MUCH BETTER the after is... but I didn't take before shots because

A) I forgot,
2) The Before was really no good, and
D) Stop living in the past.

So before:



Also, was anyone wondering how that little 15K went yesterday? Well, not too shabby. 'Twas even a little bit fun.

A little bit. Don't get me wrong, it was also excruciatingly miserable at times. It looked as though it wouldn't be as hot 'n' humid as last year's race, but it ended up coming close. Something like 12,000 runners gathered up in Utica to run 9.3 miles to the Saranac brewery. I say next time, we all just carpool and then we'll get to the beer a lot faster. 'Round 2 miles I began regretting this "adventure", at around 4 miles I realized that I had to go to the bathroom (how can you be TOO hydrated for such an event? it's possible), I zoned out for the next few miles as live bands, radio stations, dancers, llamas and enthusastic Uticans lined the streets to cheer us on. I snapped back to the blistered reality of running and struggled through the last few miles. As always, I'm glad I did it. Slow and steady.

Click here for pictures. What's that? The link doesn't work? Hmm, maybe because WHO WOULD VOLUNTEER TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED DURING OR AFTER RUNNING 9.3 MILES!?
Not this girl.


  1. you always make me chuckle.

  2. HA! Yeah, the likelihood of me ever buying one of those stupid race photos is, like, nil.

    In my head I always look way prettier and not at all like I'm having a seizure.


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