24 July 2007

crossing projects off the list

An unplanned, unforeseen free afternoon this past Friday led me first to JoAnn's, where fabric & patterns & a peculiar iron-on whale applique made of tiny bedazzled, bejeweled, sparkly rhinestones took all of my money (at least a fair chunk of it) and THEN sent me home to work on some home decor. I created these pimped-out hand towels, from Amy Butler's InStitches. And coincidentally, from an Amy Butler fabric too.

Hmm, any other big news? Oh right right right. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out. I wasn't at one of the many midnight bashes held around the world, but I did pick up my copy on Saturday morning on the way up to Lake George for a lovely girls weekend with Mom and Sister. I finally finished it Monday afternoon after sneaking loads of reading in at the pool, in the car (trying to avoid the inevitable carsickness) and before bed. Even without Harry Potter and friends, the weekend vacay was absolutely awesome; having this magical book certainly didn't hurt though.

And, er, check out Harry. He's... grown up. In a nice way. That's all I'm saying. Ahem.

Also, I've thought a little bit about this and I'm pretty sure my Patronus would be something stupid... like a pigeon or a squirrel. And that sucks.


  1. That's hilarious about your patronus! I'm still reading it. Well, reading/ listening on CD. I can get more done if I listen on CD, but I still have to stop and read some chapters. It just seems wrong otherwise.


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