19 July 2007

green bag for the birthday girl

A long time ago, Ms. ADB requested a "green bag", a la the original. Since I both procrastinate and double dip for presents, I waited to make this for her as a birthday present. The first lunch bag I made mirrors the size and shape of a classic brown paper bag, which is nice for aesthetics but not so nice for practicality. You really can't fit more than one Tupperware or container in it. Or a drink. It can only comfortably fit small bags of snacks, which 1) promotes only eating delicious things such as Ritz Bitz sandwiches, Oreos and honey roasted peanuts and 2) causes you to waste a lot of disposable sandwich baggies. Not good.

So I went for this massive sized bag. Maybe a little too massive, but it is much more functional than the original. And... (wait for it) ... ... it's waterproof.

Thank you, thank you.

I fought for quite some time with this iron-on vinyl and for a few moments, feared complete failure of the waterproofed birthday gift... but alas, I persevered and now ADB can feel completely at ease transporting leaky containers, condensation-covered water bottles and, if the mood strikes her, wet dish sponges, water balloons or a small Super Soaker with a faulty pressurized reservoir system. She can do all this, because her lunch bag is waterproof.

It's a big birthday week/month. Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. what a wonderful, personal birthday present!

  2. I love that you made it waterproof. Iron-on vinyl? What is this you speak of? It sounds dangerous.

    I read a post on Finny Knits (http://finnyknits.blogspot.com/2007/07/when-vinyl-attacks.html) that told of a vinyl/iron disaster. Funny, though.

    If you ever make a tutorial for this, I'm first in line. If not, I guess I'll just have to try it myself.

  3. Thanks for visiting my site. I guess I didn't realize how green we already were until Kelli started green week. Still more to do, though.

    I'll be checking back here soon!

  4. I used my green bag for the second time today (first was to conceal some wine that my friend Ray-ray gave me for my b-day after y'all left) to transport some yummy noodles that I dumped some yummy soup onto (no i didn't dump it right into the bag, although with the waterproofing, I bet I could have... I'm not going to try it). THANKS SO MUCH! GO GREEN!

  5. PS- always rinse-and-reuse "disposable" sandwich baggies.

  6. Hi. I'm a random blog surfer who found your blog from Tiffany's Love Boxes Site, who found that site from I have no idea where. I love your blog- I may have to put you on my favorites list- which actually has only six blog sites that I check regularly- so that's pretty good. Anyways, I was wondering if you have an etsy shop where I could buy one of these green bags- or maybe you could make me one.
    My husband is a soon to be lawyer in D.C and I would love for him to take his lunch in it. No, wait- maybe they will buy him lunch everyday. Who knows? Thanks, Megan Abbott (www.pinkpanda2.blogspot.com)


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