13 July 2007

domestic arts revival

I've been telling you this for awhile (and my fellow craftsters knew it all along):

sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery... ARE COOL. < Yes, that is a link. Click it. Hip, even. Badass? Yes, they just may be. The above-linked NYTimes article does a pretty grand job of capturing just why young women (and some men) are reclaiming granny pastimes as their own. I could paraphrase all of their good writing, but you would do well just to read the article. Then read all of the glorious crafting blogs out there. And give up some RESPECT. Or start crafting. Or just drink an icy cool margarita because it's summer and it's HOT. I will treat any margaritas consumed this weekend as a symbol of your respect for nouveau crafting.

"Sewing is the latest of the domestic arts to be touted as a hipster passion, the rock ’n’ roll of the crafts world." You heard it here first, kids: I am both a "hipster" and "rock 'n' roll". Word.


  1. Does it mean I'm a badass if I knit??? Sure hope so! Always look forward to reading your blog -- get quite a chuckle every time! : )

  2. Yes, I do believe you qualify!


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