02 July 2007

starter sewing kit

So (sew), I made this little starter kit for a Novice Quilter's birthday.
A few of the basics, a geeky wrist pincushion (which is incredibly convenient, by the way) and some of my favorite tools. Happy Sewing.

How To Make A Starter Sewing Kit
  1. Find yourself a small box, crate, pouch or other vessel to hold the sewing goodies. It doesn't have to be fancy like this one, although this does help keep everything organized. I found it at Jo Anns.
  2. Gather the essentials. I included some buttons, a measuring tap, hand needles, sewing scissors, a pencil, Fray Check, stitch ripper, thread, a pincushion and a thimble.  Feel free to include anything else that might be useful for someone just getting started.
  3. Well that's it! You could also include an easy sewing pattern, inspiring book or a quilting magazine!
In case you missed it, click here for Blitz Build 2007 photo updates and articles. And you can check out flickr for photos from this weekend's rock steady reunion down in the Catskills.  Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! For reasons why I love this lady, see the mother's day post.

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