21 August 2007

built by me

This is my week off so, in theory, I will be sewing more and posting more.

In theory.

I did, however, finally tackle my new Built by You (from Built by Wendy's Wendy Mullin) Simplicity 3835 Mini-Dress pattern. Being more than a touch worried about the fit of this dress, I opted for a solid mid-weight cotton rather than some loud print that would potentially draw attention to an ill-fitting, poorly-made dress.

Was also a little worried about the ties at the elbow but in the interest of not taking any chances with this first piece of my Autumn 07 wardrobe, I kept them in.

Although the dress was easy peasy, the directions could have been a bit clearer and I wouldn't have complained at all. C'est la vie. There were no fewer than 6 times when I completely stopped all sewing, slowed down my reading to that of a 1st grader and tried, nay pleaded, with Ms. Mullin to explain exactly what she wanted me to do, rather than offhandedly mention the next step. Should the dress be inside out or right-side out when I attach the collar facing? And how exactly should this facing look once attached? I'm fairly sure I did the complete opposite from her directions at a few steps, but overall the dress is certainly wearable and even borderline cute, though it does choke at the neck a little.

This dress might be, in the words of an epic mid-90s fashionista, a "full-on Monet."
"What's a Monet?"
"It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess."
I added a rhinestone applique of a whale to the bottom of the dress. Seriously. Not only did I already have in my collection a rhinestone applique of a whale, but I actually used it in a project that will likely be worn in public.

That's moxie, my friends.

(More photos at flickr, plus a glimpse into a weekend of Modest Mouse & gourmet picnicking.)


  1. What a great dress!...and great colour too! I've got that pattern on the to-do list, but I think I need to have a child-free month to get to it...gah! And betcha nobody notices where it went pear-shaped. I certainly can't see it. :-)

  2. So cute Christine.. I especially like those sleeves. What a cute dress and I love the little whale.

  3. OMG, that is just way toooooo fabulous. Love it, love it, love it! And the blouse too....way to go!


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