13 August 2007

the economist is killing me

This magazine is being delivered to my apartment at an alarming pace. Everytime I look, there is a new one quietly waiting for me to devour it and thus absorb 85% more current affairs information than I could ever hope to attain on my own without the help of its wise editors. It's great and all and I'm sure keeping up on the goings-on of Planet Earth, but I just can't maintain this frenzied publishing/delivery schedule.

I thought I was all set for the next one to come, but then I found an issue on my coffee table that had been delivered without me knowing it and suddenly I am an entire issue behind and a new one just came and I don't know which to read and I'm very stressed out about this. Do I just abandon the Neglected Issue and start fresh with the Current One?

I may have to drop out of my Masters in Public Policy program just to stay up to date with public policy, a la The Economist. Counterintuitive, yeah?

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  1. Oh, Czhzxistine . . . nothing makes me happier than a big pile of Economists to read!!! It's been my primary source of news analysis for the better part of [some number larger than the number of years you've been alive] years. Don't fear the Economist! Embrace it's sassy Englishness! Wonder who its un-bylined writers are! Revel in the way it skewers people but sounds so polite while it does it by refering to everyone as Mr or Dr or Mrs! Dig the snarky photo captions! (Hint: I just skim the kinda dull bits between the International section and the Science and Technology section. Unless you're planning a hostile corporate takeover of Orange Meat and Gun Bags LTD, it's not as useful on a regular basis as the rest of the newsworthy newsy stuff). I get all happy each week when my new issue arrives! It's definitely worth opening a bottle of wine for. Maybe that's why I like it so much . . . hmmmmm . . .


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