28 August 2007

a quick project before school

I squeezed in this Built by Wendy shirt (Simplicity 3835) as my last project of summer, finishing it as classes had already started for the fall semester. As others have noted, this is a freakin' EASY pattern, and thus a new favorite of mine, that basically only requires you to sew straight seams, insert some elastic here and there, and hem. You can't see the fabric well, but it is a very summery eyelet cotton that I originally intended to use for a Burda pattern.

If I look at all frazzled in the above picture, it is because I had just finished carting around over 16 lbs of ham and other assorted deli products. Don't ask.


  1. i'd like to request 7 of these shirts in various colors and/or patterns. can you do a 3/4 sleeve??

  2. I love the fabric that you've used. Very pretty!


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