07 September 2007

early season apples suck

An unfortunate misstep at the grocery store yielded a bag of early season applies that were... bad. Bad tasting. Sub par. So when life hands you sour baking applies, what do you do? Make lemonade. Or, more relevantly, you bake bake bake your little heart out before class. And dammit, readers, that is what I did.

Courtesy of this simple but sacred text, you can feast your eyes (and if you live with me or are otherwise in my good graces, your taste buds and stomachs) on Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal bars, Applie Pie & Apple Coffee Cake. There are still six apples left... soooo... ya know... that's enough for Apple Crisp or an Apple Cake or to throw at six unlucky, innocent passersby at the park.
I don't want to start any rumors, but we saw some fallen leaves in the ADK this past weekend. So it's basically Autumn, what with the leaves and the apples and such. Which now that I've mentioned it, I'm completely ready for and in a good "place" mentally where I can shed my summer skin and wholeheartedly welcome hoodies, chuck taylors and corduroy with open arms. Bring it on.


  1. bring me some of that yumminess tomorrow.

  2. Bring it on, is right. I've got a new sweater I'm dying to wear.

  3. What a lovely idea. These are all so pretty. :)


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