11 September 2007

talk is cheap

I have some time off coming up & I WILL make a new shoulder bag out of navy corduroy and line it with this beautiful fabric that I cannot find a picture of, but I think is called "Mom's Couch" by Moda Uptown and anywayit'sreallygorgeous.

So, if by next... say Monday or Tuesday, I have not posted the finished project then gently prod me to get real & start sewing. I should warn you though, I'm already working on a witty excuse to make you feel bad for bothering me about something so trivial. But it's worth a shot.


  1. Ooh, that fabric is gorgeous...and you're probably having a hard time finding it online because its now selling out. I'm trying to find some of it, too, but to make a summer top. Looking forward to seeing your bag!

  2. funny. That ribbon you sent came in handy yesterday. My daughter got a new pair of pants for a dance class, but they wouldn't stay up and we were able to make a cute tie out of the darling polka-dot ribbon. She was really pleased :) That was such a fun swap package... thanks again. :)


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