19 September 2007

navy corduroy

Well, here it is. My very own original design incarnated in navy blue corduroy (pitter patter) and fully lined with "Mom's Couch" by Erin Michael for Moda. I had bought the lining fabric months ago and was waiting for the right project. It has an outside and inside pocket and extra-wide shoulder straps for comfort (but let's be honest, they're really for aesthetics).

It actually turned out just the right size, with the right floppiness and basically the right shape.

Sooooo, everyone can get off my back now. Thanks so much.

But before you do that, check out my new love. No no, you gossip queens, it's just a computer. But it's a beautiful one.


  1. numero uno-sweet bag...i'd like one
    numero dos-i like the monkeys on your shower curtain
    numero tres-sweet computer
    numero cuatro-you have stubbins
    numero cinco-that is all

  2. Congrats -- great bag!!! Once Kate's is finished, I'd love one too! Perhaps it would make a wonderful Christmas gift??? Well done! : )

  3. Sister, nice spanish. I want to respond to you in Pig Latin but I just tried and it's taking far too long. Maybe you'll get a bag, maybe I'll be too busy sewing you a Fraggle Rock costume. My shower curtain and computer are worth more than your life.

    Clariss, thanks! And nice subtle hint, haha. Maybe something knitted would make a nice Christmas present...

  4. Great comeback!!!! Maybe I'll get me needles working for you................

  5. Great bag! Darling red computer and really cute red sweater to go with!


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