17 October 2007

so, funny story...

I bought a new ring this past weekend.  I put it on my finger.  I slammed said finger in a door.
Finger swelled to biblical proportions.  Ring remained on finger. Tighter than a priest's collar.
I freaked out. And tried everything I could think of.
  • Soap.
  • Ice.
  • Canola Oil.
  • Windex (that's what you get for trusting this thing the kids call "internet").
  • Wrapping thread around my finger until it shriveled up and turned blue, etc.

Finally, my dad CUT it off. With a chainsaw. A rusty chainsaw. With his eyes closed and one hand behind his back. Sort of.*

I forgot to take pictures documenting this saga, but trust me that the scene looked exactly like this:
*The author reserves the right to employ creative license in the retelling of this highly traumatic event. All donations to ease the recurring nightmares and traumatic finger injury can be made in the form of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Thank you.


  1. wait a tick...did this happen after brunch? oh dear sister...good thing dad's like macgyver or something...

  2. Girls, Macgyver was based on me!!

  3. LOVE the artist's rendering . . .

  4. That's just sad. Can you have the ring repaired or do you even want to wear rings ever again after said trauma?

  5. rich pic ya crazy bee-hotch.


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