14 December 2007

holiday ornament swap 2007

Finished! With the help of a small snowstorm to free up my evening, I started and finished my handmade ornaments for The Second Annual Holiday Ornament Swap. Wonky little trees with wonky little decorations. I am now permanently hunched over with claws for hands due to the small detailing and handsewing and turning-inside-out-what-it-too-small-to-turn-inside-out and getting those corners just right. 9-fold.

Has everyone noticed my recent abuse of photo collages? It's like the third or fourth time I've posted one on flickr it in the past few weeks. But it saves you the trouble of looking through too many pictures and it lets me share just a few more mundane images with you all. So really, you are the lucky ones. Happy Holidays.

You can check out other ornaments in this world-wide swap at the flickr group here. Please also consider this evidence that swapping handmade ornaments to anonymous bloggers is actually supercool & hip.

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  1. I love the photo collages. All those trees would be way too much all strung out in a line, but all smooshed together they look adorable!

    I've got to remember to do them myself. I just usually cut back on what I want to show and I always want to show more.


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