30 December 2007

ta da! green bags for the troops

Remember awhile back when I promised everyone the BEST picture they had ever seen? Yeah, I know it was awhile ago but whatever. You are still here and for that patience you are about to be grandly rewarded. First, you must suffer through a story.

A few months back, three of us crafsters got together to mass-produce some of the famous green bag lunch bags.
And you know, we ate pizza and sipped margaritas. Most importantly, we finished five lunch bags that were simple (one might even say... camoflaged?) on the outside
But a bit more "colorful" once opened...
And then these bags were filled up with goodies (by the Best Army Girlfriend ever) and sent on a long journey.

Without further ado, I present to you a most MAGNFICENT picture of my little lunch bags in the hands of some brave men in a faraway land:
Isn't it glorious!?!? Little green bags, cheering up (hopefully) some very good-natured soliders that were kind enough to pose for a picture. Several pictures, in fact. See below, green bags in the Army (+ 1 Army Girlfriend, aka Ms. Sarah). The lucky beau is the gentleman in the top two pics, middle + right.
I think this is a nice way to wrap up 2007.


  1. perfect way to wrap it up. your green bag studio is a fantastic organizaiton with fantastic employess who look like such fun and good hearted people! and those soldiers sure do look like a deserving bunch. what a great way to thank them for all they have done and will do to serve our country. i wish them all a safe return with their green bags!

  2. Wow, what a great idea! It's a fantastic thing to do, and those bags are fantastic!

  3. That's a fab idea, Christine! And its so thoughful, too.

  4. what an amazing idea, and what a wonderful army girlfriend someone must be ;-) she's also awfully lucky to have such good friends!


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