21 January 2008

flopster hat

Ta da!

Not at all my pattern, but a variation on patterns found here & here. Being only the second hat I've crocheted, I expected it to be a complete headache (get it? hats... headaches... both relating to the head...) but it was a quick & mostly smooth-sailing project.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in Denim. I actually made the hat twice, the first with a size J hook. It came out just a tad smaller than I wanted so I tried it again with a size K hook and things worked out nicely. I think I'll make a matching scarf using some sort of lacy, fancy pants type stitch instead of my standard, boring, trusty double crochet. This hat used a popcorn stitch at times which, for some reason, I found enormously gratifying to crochet.


  1. That looks so fab! I'm getting into the crocheting vibe now and you've just inspired me to attempt a crocheted beret.

  2. I love it!! Turned out great!!!Has anyone ever told you that you look like Julia Stiles??

  3. woah!!!! i am so showing that comment to el cmdt


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