25 January 2008

Huh. Spring Fever?

Somehow I wasn't able to see the over-the-top SPRINGyness of this bag until it was finished.
Using my frenchy bag pattern by Ms. Amy Butler (a perfect XMas present from the roomie) and the brown/lacework fabric from her Damask Rose collection (a perfect BDay gift from the girls), I whipped this up in a few hours. A FEW HOURS. That may not be impressive for all your hyper-advanced sewers out there but COME ON, that's a PR for me. Oh, that means Personal Record. Ya know, as though this were some sort of sport and not arts&crafts. There's nothing like the threat of a new semester to get me sewing frequently and quickly.

In other news, Mom, Sister + I went through three tubs of arts&crafts materials collected and stored throughout our childhood. I wish I had my camera there.

Picture it: drinking wine, sitting on my sister's living room floor and weeding through piles of pipe cleaners, puffy paints, beads, sculpey clay, abandoned projects of yore, dinosaurs made out of little pom poms, sand art, homemade headbands, tubes and tubes of glitter, styrofoam balls and cones and about 1 million mini gluesticks. Quite a sight. Not only did the woman (Mom) secretly hide tofu in our dinners and lead us to believe that raisins were "nature's candy" and that orange juice + seltzer was orange soda, but she made us into the most creative littles kids ever! It's coming around full circle though because now, in my twenties, in grad school for public policy, I have completely reclaimed all of this campy, crafty goodness. It started with sewing, then some crocheting and now I'm ready to start making macaroni necklaces and clay pinch pots.

Stay tuned for pictures of the crafty goodness that I decided was worth it to save. You might think otherwise... maybe we'll take a vote.

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