09 January 2008

prayer shawl, more like prayer blanket

Ah good riddance. I finished this prayer "shawl" (if I had let you see the dimensions, I think you would have agreed that "shawl" isn't so much appropriate as "oddly shaped mini-blanket" is) last Friday, but was so sick of it that I didn't feel like taking its photo until today.

At my alma mater, there is a group of sweet ladies who run a "Soup and Shawls" program. Basically, every so often they get together and have soup and pick up some yarn and make prayer shawls. After the shawls are completed (at everyone's individual pace), they are blessed and sent off to someone who needs a good warm shawl & some peaceful thoughts. Neat-o.

I find that I usually get really into them at first, because it's just a whole lot of easy crocheting and sensory-pleasing yarn (just the Lion Brand Homespun, but it feels glorious to work with... so soft!) Then about 2/3 of the way through, I get super bored and move on to something else while the sack of yarn and double crocheted stitches rots in the corner. It's happened with every single one I've ever made and it was no different this time. Ah well, now it's done.

1 comment:

  1. I love those colors. And it looks so soft.

    I really like the idea of it, being blessed and all. I need to make me a meditation one for those cold mornings sitting on my cushion.


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