23 February 2008

board pack, finished

Awhile ago, before Christmastime, the boy requested a handmade snowboard bag. I'm not sure why he thought that this sort of project was within my capabilities. It certainly would have been easier to just buy a nice one but I hate to back down from a challenge. You know, sewer's pride.

Anyhow, after placing a special order from the west coast for some 500 Denier Cordura & stocking up on heavy-duty zippers I took measurements and got to work. No pattern, just trying desperately to fit this stiff fabric around a snowboard in a pleasing way. Heavy duty needles, ultra-strong thread + a sewing machine that really gave its all as I fed this monster through it again and again. To be honest, I wasn't sure she could take it but my Singer really played like a champ.

This was a most frustrating project with mixed rewards. It was a pleasure to FINALLY sew something for the boy but it was a gaddamn BITCH to figure out proper dimensions and shape and it was a lesser, but nonetheless cranky, bitch to construct. I started it during the holidays and then after a certain amount of progress, got so fed up with it that I stuffed it in my closet for about a month. All in all though, I'm a proud little craftster. Most proud, in fact, that I was able to get some sweet pictures of the board pack in use. Those who know the subject will know how difficult this photo shoot could have been.

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