18 February 2008

button scarf

Using leftover fabric ("Mom's Couch" by Erin Michael for Moda) & heavy fleece.

I made the button scarf awhile ago, as a quick break from the country dress, but I never put the button on until today. I originally was thinking I'd use a dark brown toggle as some other crafty ladies did, but I decided not to steal ideas. After a little trip to the button store (Hi, my name is Joe and I work in a button factory...) I found two beauties that had some real possibility:

But I wasn't sure that people would "get the joke" with the one on the right and I questioned the funtionality of a star-shaped button, especially with cold hands or with warm hands covered in mittens.

So I just ripped off a seemingly unecessary button that was hidden underneath the collar of my winter coat and used it for the scarf. I would say that the button was originally just a fashion detail on the coat, but since it was completely obscured at all times it doesn't really serve any purpose. It didn't button anything together. So now, thanks to my incredible sense of haute couture high fashion (thanks Heidi), the accent on my button scarf perfectly complements my coat. Because I'm THAT good.

Re: the pattern. It's from Simple Gifts to Stitch by Jocelyn Worrall, which is the book for this year's version of the In Stitches Sew-Along, now lovingly renamed Finny & Donk's Sewing Adventures. The projects in the book don't WOW me but they really are simple and most of them probably would make lovely gifts. That being said, I returned the book to amazon after flipping through it and making some notes. Get off my back, I'm short on cash and this one just didn't cut it. Call me a dirty little cheater if you like, but then I'll just have to employ profanities and insults against you that would a grown man cry.

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  1. While I am sad you didn't use either of the perfect buttons we picked out, I do admire you ingenuity in using the spare coat button and it does look cute. I better see those buttons on something else soon though!


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