06 February 2008

country dress

Told you I'd blog this thing out.

Here's the "country dress" I made using McCalls 2608. The pattern is actually a shirt pattern but I had enough fabric to add length and make it a little dress. It is not, in fact, the same Built by Wendy pattern that created this dress (which, as my friends can attest to, I have never actually worn out in public. The neckline chokes me a bit and it's shaped funny round the midsection.) I can see myself getting sick of it as a dress and cutting it back down to shirt size, but until then...

The fabric is this great tiny floral pattern (better picture of it here on flickr) that I never would have picked out myself, but was very glad to inherit when I started sewing. I kind of love getting fabric that I wouldn't normally choose, because I always end up loving it either way + it injects something different into my projects. So that I don't continually sew/crochet/buy things that are solid brown. Because, you know, solid brown is what I drift towards if left unsupervised.
And no no, if I were to even wear this thing out in our gloomy + chilly Northeast weather I would more appropriately cover the legs-- I'm no hussy.

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