14 February 2008

Valentine's Day, VDay, VD...

So I know that last year I set some pretty high standards for myself.

I just spent a few minutes trying to write a fake movie trailor narrative about last year's Valentine's Day crafting. I was going to set it up as an epic... a girl with her sewing machine, an unstoppable winter blizzard, a dream, a destiny. Something like that, but it didn't really pan out.

Speaking of things not working out...

These were supposed to be Irish shortbread cookies, which I was thinking of making into my "thing". Ya know, like:

"Oh Christine, won't you please bring a treat to the party? Like those precious Irish shortbread cookies that go so well with our double soy lattes blah blah?"

I think I need to work out a few bugs first.

A. These were shaped with a COOKIE CUTTER. Meaning they should be identical. Identical! That's the entire idea behind cookie cutters.

2. The kitchen smelled of buttery popcorn while these were baking. Which, to be sure, is a delicious aroma that is almost always welcome in my home. But generally only when I'm MAKING popcorn, not cookies.

D. The dough was good, the baked products are not.

Maybe I can still charm him with my fierce wit and a few bottles of wine. And anyway, I usually enjoy the sweets far more than he does. (I've recently learned that not all people were born with an insatiable sweet tooth. I know, it doesn't make any sense to me either.)

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