17 March 2008

green with envy

A recipe pouch, a la Ms. Amy Butler and her In Stitches book. I originally made this as a gift, but one thing leads to another and now I'm keeping it. Plus, it matches my apron. And you know I dream of being OH SO DARLING and consulting heirloom recipes from my recipe pouch whilst prancing about gracefully in my COORDINATING Short Pleated Apron.

I made up a dish of Irish colcannon tonight, in the spirit of the holiday. Vegetarian-style, you know. 'Twas successful. 'Twas also a bit remniscent of the slop I imagine my ancestors eating in difficult times back in the motherland. Meh, so it goes. Doesn't photograph so well, either. Regardless, I'll share the recipe if anyone wants it.


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