20 March 2008

too rich for my blood

So some people have gotten themselves all worked up about Lotta Jansdotter's new fabric line. And it's GREAT, I mean really great. But do my eyes deceive me, or could it be that 1 little yard of 100% cotton print is $38?!? ¿QuĂ©? Sqwawk? It's COTTON, people.

Lotta Jansdotter

I'm into the slow crafting, handmade, support the artisan so it's a wee bit more expensive than is ideal but... ehm... I choose food + shelter.

(PS- You wanna see something precious? Check out the new oliver + s line of "contemporary sewing patterns for children's clothing. Really, the website is just toooooo sweet.)

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  1. So agree with you there. At that price it may as well be Marimekko fabric. Not. Anyhow, you can get it cheaper on one of the etsy shops that sells fabric out of japan.


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