03 March 2008

turtle turtle neck

For some reason, I never really wore this cream colored turtleneck sweater. A fine piece of clothing, just never did it for me. Armed with scissors and a small dose of courage, I completed perhaps the SIMPLEST refashion ever:

  1. Look at turtleneck.
  2. Cut straight line from top of turtleneck to the collar line. I made my cut over the right shoulder.
  3. Fold "turtle flap" (gross) over.
  4. Sew some buttons on, if desired.


AFTER aka THUMBS UP aka A Hand Signal I Use Too Often in Real Life

And that's it, folks. I've got some back-posting to catch up on as I was temporarily battery-less for a week. Next up, Christine casts asides her doubts and refashions a pillowcase into an article of clothing. Tune in to see our heroine fall to her knees with amazement and childlike curiousity that this project ACTUALLY worked.

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