22 May 2008

congratulations, here is your floppy hat

As soon as I opened my birthday present from this one and that one and saw Amy Butler's "Sun Hat" pattern, I knew that I would make them each a big freakin' floppy hat and then they would feel obligated to wear it and then I would LAUGH, oh would I laugh, at them in their floppy hats.

Alas, the floppy hats actually turned out quite nicely and are, in fact, wearable.

Notes: At a certain point in the directions it recommends that you try on the crown piece for size. When you do, make sure there is still some wiggle room because there will be at least another layer of fabric in between said crown and your head.

Also, if you are using light- or medium-weight cotton instead of home deco fabric, the pattern calls for making three interfacing brim pieces out of canvas... I made just two and things worked out fine and I think I saved myself from too much manhandling of the project and machine-jam frustrations.

Grad school is FINISHED and, as predicted, I have been a crafting FIEND. Stay tuned. Also click on over here for some graduation photos, sans cap+gown.

And even MORE importantly than a Masters degree... this is my 100th blog post here. Count 'em. So the 100th caller will be entered to win our Memorial Day sweepstakes package featuring 5 nights, 4 days in an all-inclusive resort in CANCUN. Bad decisions not included.

Wow, what if I really gave away a vacation?

But seriously kiddos, leave a comment and I guess make it a good one and if you win over my heart, I'll send you a little handmade something.


  1. Fantabulous hats....love them...I want to order one in each pattern.... Have you ever seriously thought of going into business....

  2. so i have to tell you that marcus LOVED my hat. he thought it looked totally cute and not at all silly! thanks again!

  3. ditto for ni~col~las. I can't wait to wear it ST. MARTIN!!! The french people are going to think I am the coolest...

  4. Just found your blog via Flicker - I was debating about ordering this pattern ... you sold me! Love the hats - congrats on finishing school and best wishes with the move. :-)

  5. These hats are amazing!!!! So cute!!!!
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