08 May 2008

thesis + sweets

So. The thesis is in + I've presented it and that's that. Of course, I rounded out my grad school career and simultaneous exploration of the domestic arts by bringing a double batch of chocolatechipbananaoatmeal cookies to the presentations. Just like I brought chocolatepeanutbutterbars to my last housing policy class. It doesn't hurt, ya know? If anyone's up for some light summer leisure reading, you just say the word and you can have your own copy of la thesis. Or you could just slam your head against a brick wall a few times, and probably have as much fun. Your choice.

(Oh + check out "i screamo no emo" photo week. The rules are NO:

  1. looking at feet or the ground
  2. being thoughtful
  3. looking "cute"
  4. cropped heads
  5. tidying up your picture-taking space
  6. trying hard to fit the "myspace profile picture" guidelines
  7. pigeon toes
  8. jazz hands

For anyone who has ever set up a self-centered, self-portrait photo shoot for their self-serving blog, you know this is more challenging than it appears.)

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