18 June 2008

DIY Kitchen Pegboard

Ah yes, our petite kitchen. What it lacks in size + sensible storage opportunities it makes up for in style. See, we actually have plenty of cabinet space it's just that one set of cabinets doesn't even start until the 7' mark, with the highest shelf in said cabinet measuring at over 8.5' high. So I'll just store my pots + pans up there. Right.

Even my trusty stepstool can't help me there.

Plus also, we don't exactly have any drawers in the kitch. Not a single drawer to hold a single piece of silverware, leading to solutions such as this:

So having unreachable cabinets and no drawers, we opted to create this little pegboard kitchen organizer.

Pegboard and hanging accessories are from Home Depot, all for under $10.

We (he) cut it down to fit our space and spray painted it a lovely Green Apple (Painter's Touch Satin). Now we have a comfy home for our pots + pans, spoons + whisks, spatulas + mashers. Phew.


  1. Clarissa says, "Only TWO wooden spoons???? Will only TWO do???? There is a wealth of wooden spoons in your family's collection should you feel the need to add to your minute collection."


  2. i absolutely love it... still. knowing me, i would just throw my hands in the air and declare defeat... and then try to look for an apartment that had drawers...

    ps- guess who's moving into 478!


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