14 June 2008

hazy + haute (couture)

Here's how it goes: last week was HOT HOT HOT. I don't LOVE wearing shorts. In fact, I didn't even have proper-fitting shorts at the beginning of the week. Things got desperate, temperatures soared and I ripped up some old t-shirts. And using Save This Shirt by Hannah Rogge, I whipped up a few rag-a-muffin skirts and set outside to brave the heat.

OK, actually I made the red one months ago. But the black one is new. And I only started wearing the red one this week so I think it's appropriate to mention here.

Save This Shirt is really creative. Makes you want to cut up every t-shirt you own. Most of the projects, however, have a definite.... (searching for a different word for rag-a-muffin, because I'm realizing it's a weird descriptor that may not be as commonly used as I once thought)... well, most of the projects give off a sloppy, boho very DIY vibe. As in, the finished product will always look precisely like you cut up an old t-shirt and restitched it together. Think Arts+Crafts, not Fierce.

But that's OK, completely because you ARE using old nasty t-shirts instead of fancy new fabric, so you basically know what you will get. Which, in my case, meant that I felt free to completely disregard any numbers or measurements given in the directions. Because, kiddos, as I mentioned earlier it was so hot + my 3rd floor apartment was even hotter and my sewing corner was the hottest ("That's hot"). Speed was the name of the game.

Our dear friend Fiona agreed to model these skirts for me I am currently sporting an amazingly blotchy and inconsistent sunburn resulting from a devastatingly haphazard application of sunscreen. You know, because I'm good. So here's Fiona. And yeah, that's the Special Limited Commemorative Golden Knights Edition T-Shirt from the wildly successful Blitz Build of yesteryear.

As I was prepping Fiona for the photo shoot and debating whether or not it was indecent to leave her topless and then post the pictures on the Internets, I started feeling like maybe I was Ryan Gosling's character in Lars and the Real Girl. And Fiona the Dressform was really Bianca the Blow-up Doll. And soon Fiona would get elected to the school board and would start volunteering at various places in town. And then I would get jealous that she had so many friends and was too busy for me and the rest, as they say, would be history.


  1. I cannot stop laughing....that photo of Lars and Bianca...I mean really....have you ever???? I just saw the film the other night....this is too funny!

  2. I realy like the skirts!!!This idee i whant to try :)


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