03 July 2008

product of a rainy sunday?

We had this mini-fridge, because we are both high-brow and high class and thought it might be nice to only reach a few feet for an icy cool... soda... instead of walking a few more feet to the kitchen. But we are enough of a high-brow, high class sort of people that we wanted to cover the mini-fridge. And pretend it is a tv stand. Like the title says, it was a rainy Sunday and there wasn't much else going on.

A note: About 1/3 of the way through this project I realized it had the potential to become a somewhat cool craft tutorial. But then I thought, what are the odds that there is anothe person out there that wants to make a canvas, quilted + patchworked mini-fridge cover? So this isn't really a tutorial. If by chance, you are hankering for an in-depth set of instructions you should definitely contact me. Because I think you might be my doppelganger. And we should do lunch.

So blah blah no tutorial but I measured the dimensions of the fridge + added an inch to each, sewed the back, sides and top together using 1/2" seam allowances, patchworked some brown scraps together and cut out a trunk shape, patchworked some green scraps together and cut out a leafy tree shape, watched Royal Tenenbaums, folded under the edges, attached to front panel, stuffed 'em, attached right edge of front to the rest of the cover, ate a sandwich, hemmed the bottom, sewed on a 47" upholstery zipper (left and top edges, lining up with the door), shimmied it on the fridge and patted ourselves on the back.

That's basically it.

"Hey, there's even a fridge! You could put six packs of be- ... soda in here. Milk, yogurt. You could put candy bars in the freezer."

"Anything you want to keep cold, Tommy."


  1. Girl ... we must do lunch - ha! We have a mini fridge in our bedroom b/c DH needs Perrier at 2 AM. Talk about high maintenance! ;-)

  2. totally cool. i am collecting tiny pieces of fabric from projects in hopes that someday i will have the patience to do some patchwork! you're my hero.

    ps- i'm going to need your expertise in blogging... all my pix are gone!

  3. Adrienne-- Hmm, maybe the mini-fridge is making a comeback outside of college dorm rooms...

    ADB, wtf? Where are your pics? I'm also trying to keep saving scraps so that maybe I can tackle some monstrous quilt. Or maybe I'll just keep sewing patchwork trees to put on fridge covers. Whatevs.


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