11 August 2008

the birdie sling

Sister's Summer Bag Numero Dos is completed. As soon as I got back to Albany I hunkered (?) down and sewed it up. Good thing too, because with the Olympics starting and having no TV in the sewing room I probably would have delayed its completion by a few more weeks in favor of watching water polo, fencing and other sports I really don't care about at all but feel compelled to watch every four years.

So this is the infamous Birdie Sling by Amy Butler. I read up on reviews + comments from the Amy Butler flickr group and also sewing.patternreview.com before I started to see if there were any major adjustments I should make. The general consensus was that this pattern yielded a LARGE bag, typical of the exaggerated sizes of most Amy Butler patterns. And it is indeed large, but it is meant to be and I think it's a good size for throwing in everything you could possibly want on a late summer day... wallet, phone, book/magazine, sunglasses, sunscreen for us pale Irish folk, mints, a rubber chicken... ya know, whatever.

Overall review:
The pattern was clear and easy to follow. I heard some folks had some trouble on making the guessets, but as they are the secret to my green bag pattern, I didn't have a tough time with them. The pattern called for fusible fleece, which I couldn't find, so I got regular sew-in fleece and it turned out just fine.

The trouble I had was with the wide woven fusible interfacing (SF-101 by Pellon). #1 it was pricier than the interfacing I usually use. #2 I couldn't iron it to lay flat with the fabric-- it kept puckering and getting sloppy. Not cool. But if that's the only problem I had with the whole project, I'll take it.

I cut the depth of the large pocket in half so that you could find things a bit easier in it, and added a velcro closure to it for storing personals that you don't want spilling out all over the sidewalk. I also divided the smaller pocket into a small phone-sized section and two pencil/pen pockets.

Other notes:
It takes as much time to cut out the pattern pieces as it does to sew them, at least it did for me. I hate cutting out pattern pieces.


  1. Amy's patterns usually take me as long to cut them out as they do to sew them the first time. Her patterns are intense! They are great, but I can usually make #2 in half the time it took to make #1.

  2. it was neat to read your impressions as they are pretty much the same as mine (ugh, the cutting is overwhelming!). but great job on the bag! i love the way mine turned out!


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