25 September 2008

cooking marathon

Do you remember how I told you about our wee little kitchen? You might be able to use your imagination and deduct that in a wee kitchen there is less-than-ample counter space, standing space, collaborating-brilliantly-together-on-elaborate-meals-space, etc. You would be correct in that assumption.

In preparation ahead of a Dinner Party for 10ish this evening, we got to work making a delicious Leek & Goat Cheese Lasagna (with roasted red peppers, eggplant and more). Plus we also had a bunch of tomatoes that needed attention so in an irrational fit of ambition we decided to also make a Creamy Roasted Tomato soup. Good thinking. 'Twas a marathon night of prepping, cooking and cleaning-- about 3 and a half hours conservatively. More or less in a space that measures approximately 3 x 3 feet. Ok fun!

the ingredients for a leek + goat cheese lasagna (with some red peppers, eggplant + parmesan too)

roasted red peppers + leeks

tomatoes from the farm share, for the creamy roasted tomato soup

roasted tomatoes with garlic

the hyper-ambitious creamy roasted tomato soup, made during the preparation of the leek + goat cheese lasagna

Final pictures of the Dinner Party for 10ish on the way. They'll be posted at my flickr, along with the final soup photo.

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