10 September 2008

insolent brat

UPDATE: All is well again with my Singer, I believe. Thanks for the well wishes and concern. On an even better note, this weekend I made two different types of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and put a sizeable amount of the cookie dough in the freezer, which I think might be the best idea I've ever had. When the cookie monster attacks, I can just thaw and bake and binge.

My sewing machine is in a funk, maybe even of the existential kind, and completely refuses to cooperate or even acknowledge my rugged perseverence. I've walked away, breathed deeply, poured a drink, taken my mind off it and yet-- every time I approach the godforsaken thing it shows little to no appreciation for the maturity with which I am handling the situation and merely continues in its difficult disfunctional ways.

So... might be another little while until I WOW you with a completed project even though I've made vague allusions here and elsewhere to a sewing surprise on the horizon. Deal with the disappointment.

Happy freakin' National Sewing Month. I know I'm having an absolute blast.

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