22 September 2008

yarn fever

AUTUMN is here and I know that because:

A) The nights are getting too cold for my tender herb garden and I'm bringing them in the house each night for some nocturnal warmth. It's kind of cute actually. It's like I'm tucking them in for bed.

2) I'm ogling new fall collections of cardigans, scarves, tights, corduroy and elbow patches. Figuring out ways to chop up my boring clothes and re-make them into trendy little outfits.

D) I've got yarn fever.

In anticipation of yarn fever, the dinner club girls and I decided to start a little afghan crochet-a-long. Afghans as in blankets, not the the ethnic group. Although that's certainly an idea for a future craft club, I suppose. If you wanted to get nuts. Afghan-inspired aprons or some such thing. Dot dot dot.

And in further anticipation of future needs relating to hauling our afghans-in-progress all over the Capital Region and the Berkshires I scored some canvas totes and stuck a little badge of honor inside them all. Because, dear readers, that is what the situation called for.

totes for crochet-a-long

label for totes

Created those little girls over at Wee World.

We've got the yarn, we've got the patterns and we're ready to freakin' go. Crochet-a-long updates to come.

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  1. Thanks, now I have another wee distraction. Did you have those printed onto fabric??


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