02 October 2008

autumn inspirations

1. cavalry boot from toast 2. toast fall 2008 3. Hemställe Top from wikstenmade 4. from angry chicken 5.me 6. old navy 7. keen 8. Pretty Racoon Clothing on etsy 9. inevitable pukefest

In addition to yarn fever, Autumn means:

Did I forget anything?


  1. I think you've got that wrapped up quite nicely, actually! LOVE this season.

  2. hey --- i washed the lunch bag for the first time yesterday. i think it's going to make it, but the dryer took a bit of a toll on it. i should have consulted with the expert first, i suppose.

  3. when are you going to blog about that awesome greenbag on your flickr page?

    ps- fall is my fav season and you couldn't have portrayed it any better :)

  4. Hey --- the green bag situation is settled... i don't know much about the physics of washers and dryers, but looks like it was just wrinkly. it was back on the tour a day after the washing, so i didn't even have to waste a brown bag. mission accomplished, as they say.


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