22 October 2008

elbow patches, hurray

Yep, I sewed some suede elbow patches onto an old cardigan last night. Good times.

I mostly followed these simple little instructions. You could use any material you want, but suede or suede-like fabrics are easiest because you don't have to worry about frayed edges or trying to fold under a hem around an oval-shaped patch. That can be a freakin' pain. It helps if your Mom recently gave you a LARGE bag of leather scraps to play with. Otherwise, I'm sure you can find something suitable by rummaging through the remnant bins at JoAnns or cutting up some Coach/Louis Vuitton/Prada bag. Though I would ask the owner first.

(Oh hey, shout to Sister on her birthday!)


  1. love the patches.
    thanks for the shout out.

  2. I totally want to sit in class and listen to you lecture on Greek literature now. But only if you start to smoke a pipe and talk like Alistair Cooke. Which I think is required, once you have leather patches on your sleeves.

  3. Obviously all these things are required of me now that I have leather elbow patches. It's a big responsibility. I also need to invest in more tweed and tortoise shell glasses and probably should start drinking scotch after work. All in due time. Professor-chic has always been pretty appealing to me.

  4. the absolutely perfect touch...love it

  5. I'm definitely going to make some patches.


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