08 October 2008

freedom seams

I don't know how gotten along all this time without french seams. I heard about them, read about them, got spooked by them and ultimately convinced myself they were too much trouble. Well kind gentlefolk, I gave french seams a try the other night and was very pleasantly surprised to learn that they are easy peasy. This tutorial over at Sew, Mama, Sew! does a great job of explaining all different seam finishes.

French seams are a pretty little way of making sure the inside of your project looks as hot(t) as the outside. Ya know--

"Cute lunch bag, lemme see the inside. Oh... it's all gnarly and frayed. You suck."

French seams are a way of avoiding the above situation.

All I'm saying is, french seams rock and they aren't actually hard so give 'em a shot and up the quality of your work by like 46% AT LEAST.

ps- More french seam tutorials at Burda Style, this blog, here, and a video here that I haven't actually watched but the stills from it look promising. See? I'm nothing if not a helpful resource to my readers, every one of whom should a) start sewing if he/she hasn't already and b) use french seams whenever applicable.

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