17 October 2008

holiday gift planner

If past years are any indication, I'll probably be scrambling to finish my holiday shopping/crafting right up until the egg nog is being spiked and Swiss Colony petit fours are being devoured.

As a preventative measure, I whipped up a little holiday gift planner that I am offering as a free downloadable PDF. I know, I know, 'tis the season for overwhelming generosity. Actually, just consider this your holiday bonus for the year. And if you have a birthday coming up, let's call this your birthday present too. Because a free downloadable PDF is what everyone needs in these tough economic times.

Click on the image below to download it. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

holiday gift planner

ps- I know you are all thinking... the holidays?! It's too early! Not even Halloween! Well, Martha has her Holiday edition out so it's ok for me to start thinking too. Plus, the earlier I start the better gifts you all will be getting.

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