14 November 2008

does "neck cozy" sound gross?

Yeah, I think it does. I don't know... sounds like "necking" and then also maybe a warm, sweaty neck. I'm probably keeping the name anyway, just for fun.

Regardless, this neck cozy (it's just a scarf I guess) is on sale in The Market and it is also the last product of the Floral Retrograde collection. Bright flowers just weren't enough to trick my psyche into pretending it's not dreary November.

Neat thing about these are the buttons... much debate and thought and drawing and a bit of math went into their placement. I didn't want the scarf to actually be just a big tube around your neck, but actually wanted it to be COZY (get it? like the name) with no room for icy air to invade and rush into your coat. I haven't seen a button placement quite like this one-- you'll have to check it out for yourself.

More "neck cozies" (gross) coming real soon.


  1. maybe gross but i would totally keep the name too. high-five for originality.

  2. haha thanks for the support, even if "neck cozy" sounds grosser every time i say it.


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